A creative company.

Years ago, we made a project called "ASB-Labs., we made a creative software and brought a lot of solutions in 2006. 5 yeras later, we made our first year of foundation we have attended several enterpreneur courses to rise up our business approach, we have also won several technology contests including NASA Space Apps 2013 Mexico edition, Angel Hack 2013 Mexico edition, SAP Forum 2014 developers corner Mexico Edition, and 3rd place in BBVA InnovApps 2014 in tools for business.

Consultware is dedicated to making technology, we have developed three services at first one being Qiwo is a shopping platform different from any other, we use Telegram and Facebook Messenger to do the registration of our users, we allow stores to control their inventory and hire people directly from Facebook Page.

Suitch is our internet of things (IoT) service and server. We use Suitch for any hardware development for the any electrical stuff needs internet connection.

Impresión 3D site to allow people to send 3D models to be printed, laser cut and PCB printing.

Those projects are the beginging of Consultware as consultant company on Hardware and Software.

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